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Pregnancy and sciatica: 3 tips to relieve yourself

Are you pregnant, and you regularly feel a rather sharp pain in the top of the thigh or in the buttock? You may be suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve. Pregnant, the position of your pelvis is changed: the weight of your belly also affects your center of gravity, and compression of the sciatic nerve is more common.

These very common pains can be relieved with simple gestures and easy exercises. To relieve your sciatica, here are 3 valuable tips!

Stretching to prevent sciatica

First tip of interest: focus on regular stretching of the hips, adductors, back and of course the glutes. Some simple stretching ideas:

  • Lie on your side with your upper leg resting on your nursing pillow. Slowly extend your leg, then rest your knee on the cushion. Repeat this light tension eight to ten times.
  • To stretch your back, the cat posture is ideal: you are on all fours, and you inhale while doing the hollow back, head up; then you exhale while doing the round back, head lowered. You thus strain your pelvis and promote its flexibility.
  • With regard to your adductors: Sit cross-legged with your knees open, the soles of your feet together. Lower your torso slightly forward, and hold the position. This so-called “butterfly” posture will relieve your hips.

Go smoothly and repeat these stretches two to three times a week at a minimum.

Swimming: the ultimate anti-sciatica activity

The aforementioned postures come from yoga, a “favorite” sport for pregnant women, which will also allow them to regulate their stress and their hormonal surges.

Are you not a yoga fan? Swimming may be right for you! This very complete sport will allow you to let off steam, but also and above all to stretch your back muscles and overall strengthen your back. In the water, your body is free from the strains of your weight gain, and your sciatic nerve is no longer “pinched”.

It should be noted that swimming is the most suitable sport for pregnant women, because it is a gentle sport, without great cardiovascular risk and adapted to the new articular constraints of your body.

Finally, if you don’t like water, a word of advice: invest in a pregnancy ball (or fitball), an object that will help you relax your body and relieve your heavy leg problems.

To avoid sciatica, be comfortable in your sneakers!

Last advice and not the least: take care of yourself! No ladies, that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself on your 31st, on the contrary. On the program: comfortable pijamas, relaxation and flat shoes!

To relieve your sciatica pain, it is indeed indicated to avoid wearing pants that are too tight or tight, and to avoid shoes with heels. Flat shoes are a must, as is your overall comfort. Also, when doing any flexing, be careful to squat gently and use your hands to lift yourself up to avoid “pulling” too much on your back. Regarding your sleeping position, it is advisable to favor a side position, ideally with a cushion between the legs or a pillow: this helps prevent back pain in particular.

Finally, last point and not the least: for any effort (carrying more or less heavy loads, helping with housework, etc.), do not hesitate to ask the future dad for help! It is up to him to avoid minor ailments and difficult tasks, but also to massage you at regular intervals to relieve your sciatica pain.