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Things you should know


This is the number of maternity hospitals in France (excluding local perinatal centers) according to the Annual Statistics of Health Institutions (SAE) carried out by the DREES in 2019.


This is the approximate number of diapers you'll need for baby to age 3! :) This estimate was made by the site allobebe.fr

Our selection of the month

The choice of the maternity hospital is one of the first concerns that parents face. It is therefore quite natural that the first tool we are offering you deals with this matter:

  • Maternity level, number of deliveries, medical staff, 24-hour senior care for anesthesia and resuscitation ...
  • The data come from the Annual Statistics of Health Establishments in France
  • We hope that it gives you additional insight
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We are not born a parent, we become one! This quote is attributed to Françoise Dolto and is at the heart of our approach. Every parent before the birth of his child and at every stage of his development, will sometimes ask himself lots of questions to ensure that he is making the right choices (choice of maternity hospital, choice of clothes, choice of furniture, montessori or not? etc).

Our desire is to provide you with decision-making tools. All of them are free and will remain so.

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