About Us

Our story began in 2016 when we knew we were going to be parents. We were very happy to welcome this little being into our home. Many questions followed: how to choose the maternity hospital where he was going to be born? What are the objects we will need on a daily basis? What education do we want to offer him? How to create a stimulating and balanced family environment in order to promote harmonious development? What should we change in our behavior to offer the best of us to this child?

We obviously bought books, spent hours browsing the internet to collect information, listen to our loved ones and our network …

Having both professional roots in the world of information systems, we began to use the same decision-making techniques and tools that we had at work. We therefore started to design tools to process and consume the data we collect. The very first tool was a data visualization tool which made it possible to represent on a map all the maternities in France. Then by navigating on the map we could select a maternity hospital and consult all the information we had collected. Many tools followed.

By sharing these tools in our network, we realized quite quickly that they could be useful to many parents. So we decided to create this blog to share them with a wider audience. They are free and will remain so. We hope they will help you as much as they have helped us.

Tekky Parent is therefore a human adventure initiated by parents for parents and future parents.