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Best Swivel Car Seats to Choose For Baby

Best Swivel Car Seats to Choose For Your Baby in 2022

Swivel baby car seats are popular and safe options for maximum comfort and security.

Our picks for the best swivel car seats of 2022 are:

  •     The overall best swivel car seat of 2022: Cybex Cloud Z iSize, $320
  •     The most premium car seat of 2022: Be Safe iZi Twist B-E iSize, $535
  •     The most affordable car seat of 2022: Cosatto All-in-All Rotate, $349

Fasten your seat belts as we explain all you need to know about swivel car seats!

What is a swivel car seat?

A swivel base car seat can rotate. This makes it more comfortable for the babies to get tucked in or taken out.

Have trouble getting your toddler in and out of the car?

You can rotate these seats toward the door for better access.

what is a swivel car seat

What are its peculiarities and differences?

  • Rotation: These seats can easily change from front-facing to rear-facing. They can also be stopped while facing the door.
  • Connectors: These seats are installed using the Isofix connectors that offer the highest level of safety and protection for babies.

What children’s ages/heights/weights are they suitable for?

Swivel seats can hold a baby in a rear-facing position until they are about 18 kg, 105 cm, or roughly 4-years old.

Most rear-facing swivel car seats can hold babies until they are about 14 kg. After that, you need to switch the seat to front-facing.

But with swivel seats, you can just rotate the seat and keep the babies rear-facing until they are about 18 kg.

Swivel car seat classification

Car Seat Classification Group Weight (kg) Orientation
Group 0 Up to 10 Rear-facing
Group 0+ Up to 14 Rear-facing
Group 1 9-18 Front-facing or rear-facing
Group 0+/1 (Swivel car seats) Up to 18 Front-facing or rear-facing

How does a swivel car seat work?

The seats can turn either 180° or even 360°. So you can get your baby in and out of the car without having to twist their body.

You hook the seat on top of your regular car seats.

They provide safety and cushioning and keep your baby in a rear-facing orientation.

Advantages of swivel car seats

  • Swivel seats can rotate: you wouldn’t need to twist your baby’s body to get them into the car.
  • Rear- or front-facing: you can adjust the seat in a rear-facing orientation or a front-facing orientation.

Disadvantages of a swivel baby car seat

  • High cost: Swivel seats for car are more expensive than their non-swiveling counterparts.

Top swivel car seats to choose for a baby in 2022

how to choose a swivel car seat

1. Cybex Cloud Z iSize, $320

As the crown jewel of car seats in 2022, this seat comes packed with features. It has a newborn inlay which provides comfort. It also has a headrest that can be adjusted to over 11 different settings as your baby grows.

2. Be Safe iZi Twist B-E iSize, $535

This is the safest seat on our list. It has survived the toughest crash tests and comes with protection against side impact. It has many safety features and an adjustable headrest with 11 different positions.

3. Cosatto All-in-All Rotate, $349

This seat made from recycling 30 bottles can hold a baby until 12 years old. It has an adjustable shoulder and headrest so that your baby grows with it.

It has flip-out protection and an anti-escape system; these come in real handy with babies prone to unbuckling themselves.

4. Recaro Salia Elite, $535

This seat is more of a 2-in-1 infant carrier with a car seat. It has a free 2-year guarantee and side-impact protection. It also has indicators on the rotating base to show you correctly installed the seat.

5. Chicco Seat4 Fix Car Seat, $360

This final entry on our list can also be considered a great budget for up to 12-years of age (36 kgs). It’s also very easy to install.

With a rotatable base and adjustable headrest, this seat offers great comfort and protection for your child. The seat also provides 4 different positions to ensure maximum comfort.

How to choose a swivel car seat?

Before buying a swivel car seat, ask yourself the following questions; they will help you narrow down the best car seat for you:

  • Do I want a seat that rotates completely or halfway?
  • How easy is it to rotate the seat?
  • How easy is it to install the seat?
  • How comfortable is the seat for your baby?
  • Will the seat be a good choice as your baby grows older?
  • How much are you comfortable spending on the seat?